Writing Class Essay: A Time I Worked Out Something By Myself

  “Come back here!” I screamed at my kitten as she scampered out of my house. I charged towards the cat and fell down the steps to my front door.


  As I was chasing my kitten around the front yard, my brother came out of the house. “Marshall!” I screamed. “Go get mom!” My brother zoomed back inside the house. I remembered that my mom was in the shower. I guess we will have to solve this problem alone. My brother approached me outside with a bag of cat treats.


  He jiggled the cat treats as if it were the last thing he was doing in his life. The kitten ran under the car. Thoughts raced through my mind. What if she gets stuck? What if I can’t get her out? I reached under the car and felt the grass brush against my arm, and I felt something fuzzy. I snatched and I pulled it out thinking it was the cat. It wasn’t. It was a tennis ball. I put it beside me and looked underneath the car, again. This time she moved behind the wheel.


  I grabbed the golf ball that I had found earlier. I rolled it back and forth to try to lure the kitten out from underneath the car. She didn’t budge.


  I rolled the golf ball beside her so that it moved to the other side of the car. She started to sneak up to the ball and I ran to the other side. When I got over there, I scared her and as I leapt for her, and I missed. I looked underneath the car again. I saw her tail then grabbed her and pulled her out. I ran inside and threw her on the couch as I let out a sigh of relief. On that day, I learned to make sure the door is completely closed from now on.

How do you spend Easter?

Hunting for eggs
At church
Spending time with your family
Playing with toys from the Easter Bunny

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The Carolina Parakeet

The Carolina Parakeet is an extinct species of bird. It is mostly green with a yellow head and orange cheeks. The Carolina Parakeet inhabited deciduous forests and forest edges in the eastern United States as far north as the Great Lakes region, as well as wooded river bottoms of the Great Plains as far west as Nebraska. It nested in tree cavities and ate the fruits and seeds of many trees and other plants.

The Kiwi Bird

The Kiwi Bird is a rare species of bird. They call it the Kiwi because of its skin. It looks like a kiwi. The kiwi bird is the only bird species that has its nostrils on the end of its beak. The beak is about 1/3 the length of their body. It is extremely sensitive to touch. They have wings but they don’t have any muscle which is why they don’t fly. The wings blend in so well to their feathers that you have to look closely to see that they have them. They have a roundish body like a chicken. They have claw like feet that are very sharp and they use them for protection when necessary. They also use them to dig for food. They can live up to 20 years old. Kiwi birds are usually a black or brown color.