Pandas do not moo,
Pandas eat bamboo.

Red pandas are part of the racoon family,
Regular pandas don’t know Bambi.

It has a large round head,
Not a small oval head.

They like to eat bamboo,
they don’t know how to moo.

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The Yorkshire terrier can grow to be 12 to 15 years old. Its coat needs a lot of grooming. They do not do well with strangers, but loves its owner. It needs to be brushed around three times a week. They are called Yorkies. Yorkies prefer to be around older children. I got this info at

What Is A Friend

Friends are supposed to help each other. I can help my friends for very little things, like picking up their pencil when they drop it. But what really matters are things like comforting them when they are sad or when they are not having a good day inviting them over to play. I can also be a friend by trying not to be mean to them. That is how I can be a friend.